Beloved, it is time to seek the Lord! The present state of things around the world has exposed the weakness, frailty and vanity of men. It brings to light much afresh the reality that all flesh is grass and its goodliness, aDSC_9625s the flower of the field. For as the grass withers and the flowers fall, so is the glory that man has been forced to bear though, not willingly. Man is putting much effort into intensifying his inventions but, will he be saved by this gathering so much and eating so little? Man is dying.

Since the fall of man, he has never stopped inventing alternatives. It is the life of the earth and the dust, and man is in the centre of it all. It is the order of worship in every religion: my life, my children, and my house. We seek to save them, but we are losing them. It usually takes us too long to discover this; many a times, when all is gone.

 Let us come back and say to the Lord, “save us that we might be saved. We want to be the generation of them that seek your face not your hand”. As we by the grace of God open this opportunity through LIFE CAMPAIGN, we say to you, “SEEK THE LORD AND LIVE”.

Such was the Cry of the Spirit that awakened this burden in our hearts and drove us to the streets. Life Campaign is a burden to herald the life of God around us and everywhere and thus stir a true thirst in every heart where the seed of Gods Life have been sown.

In 2009, we had an outstanding meeting in a considerably large University Campus around us. It was the maiden edition of the campaign which was also with great experiences. Life campaign started out as an open air believers meeting (its purpose was not mainly to evangelizing and harvest souls into the body of Christ, but to herald the shift which the Spirit expects the Church to step into). After the maiden edition on the University Campus around us, we were further motivated by the Holy Spirit into other parts of the community where we reside.


It is time again brethren to hear the voice of Him who has called us to glory and virtue. In the face of empty promises that the way of the earth has put together for mDSC_9610an, we are in a di
re need to hear the voice of the SON of GOD, because there is no other way for us to truly live. LIFE CAMPAIGN is coming to us from God this year 2011 with the promise of true life. Our hearts need stability and assurance in the midst of so much darkness in our nation where winds are striving over the destiny of the most populous Black Nation of the NIGER AREA. God is commanding his light to shine into our hearts, but this is only possible when the face of Jesus shines on us by the breath of His Spirit, so making a difference in all them that believe. We expect to meet with Him in all the locations. While we look out for a great out-pour of the HOLY GHOST, we say SEEK the LORD and LIVE NOW!

The above, was a similar cry of the Spirit that moved us beyond a single weekend program that we had in 2009 to a none-stop three weekends-three locations program around the town that really was effective in Sparking off a revival and a quest not only among the youths but also among the aged.


You are welcome to the times of the performance of the father’s  ancient counsels. It is indeed a great privilege for you aDSC_9764nd I to live in this transition period between what used to be and what is. A new day is dawning upon the human world – we are God’s people for whom the whole programme is designed and cannot play the last fiddle. It must not be like the days when David returned to Jerusalem after Absalom’s revolt. David has to send to Zadok and to Abiathar  the Priests to speak to the elders of Judah saying “why are ye the last to bring the king back to his house”.

It is the time to know. It is time to shed light on dark sentences, for no man should darken counsel by word without knowledge. The light of God’s wisdom is nigh to us to give interpretation. We should be rightly positioned at this time. You are welcome to life campaign 2013 heralding the light of God’s true life. It is no more business as usual.

Life campaign is far gone beyond the regular church program to an annual believers Gathering which, because of its non-denominational nature, many saints around us now look forward to it. You can be part of this annual revival meeting for the church and experience a tremendous growth through the help of the Holy Ghost.