The new testament church is not determined by her gigantic structure or her manner of administration, neither is it reckoned with in heaven by her name. It is determined and known by the signet of Jesus Christ as Lord in the midst of His people. For this cause saints gather together across Ondo town and beyond to fellowship in a forum tagged LIFE TEACHING CENTER drinking consistently from the stream of Life channeled through Eternal Life Embassy, Ondo, a church raised for the equipping of the present day army of the Lord.

LIFE TEACHING CENTER is a platform on which we receive the words of the Son who is the voice of God to His church in little groups designated in homes of saints who are not necessarily members of Eternal Life Embassy. The word of Life is delivered here in its simplicity and plainness with an intent to build and raise the new testament believers and the new testament church.

We believe that the church is not the building or he administration but is YOU and I. We are the ones the Lord is raising that we might be to Him a house, His habitation.

We have Life Teaching Centres in the following towns and cities:

  • ONDO

To be part of this, you can call the phone numbers below and you will be added to any of the Life Teaching Centres nearest to you. 0703958818, 08032451021