The Meal For Ascension Into The Inheritance

The Meal That Strengthens The Feet For Ascension:

AscensionStaying Under Light And Authority (Understanding The Counsel of God)

What we gain by being under authority is much more than the things we lose, but sin and carnality prevents us from seeing our gain, and rather compel us to focus on what we seemingly lose by submitting to authority.

Every light is deep. We move by light; light guides our steps. If the light is not guiding your step, you will still walk but your walk will not be according to the order of Christ. The way to avoid damage and harm is to stay with the doctrine and wait on it. We must not be hasty to do any service for God; it is time to look into the things that God has revealed. The call of God for His people at this time is to pay attention and compare the things he has revealed with scriptures.

Restoration of the Church

The Restoration Of The Church By The Trumpets

The problem of most of the Church is proud men who find it difficult to join themselves with those to whom God has revealed His counsel. The Church is a terrible place where one who does not have the knowledge of God should never be allowed to function or handle. The first people that God restores to His church are judges. The first gift that God gave after the resurrection of Christ are the apostles. Until lambs are raised, the sheep cannot be fed or raised. Feeding God’s sheep is great work; because they feed on carcasses. (Isaiah 1:26, Ephesians 1:16-19)

There are trumpets that must sound for the movement of the Church. Anyone who does not want to be eaten by the beast must move when the trumpet sounds for us to move. Light (the sound of the trumpets) is what keeps and saves us. As long as we move in the light, we will not be devoured. The call of God in this season is that the Church must move. If the Church does not move, there will be devastation and destruction. The Lord is already sending the light and the light is here with us. (1 John 1:5)

Journeying To The Perfect Day By Light Journeying By Light

Everyone who has a part must seek the perfect. There is a light shining to move the Church to perfection. We must all move into the perfect day. It all boils down to feeding. What we feed on is light. The first commandment given to man is to eat. Adam started feeding on meat, not on milk. He woke up as a grown man and the food allocated to him was meat (because milk is meant for babes). The temptation of Adam was around food. We were designed to live by what we are fed with, whether on light or on darkness; whether unto life or unto death. (1 Corinthians 13:12, Genesis 1:29, Genesis 3:1-3, Genesis 3:6-7). 

Desiring Meat For Sight 

The devil lures the soul with thoughts that seem to satisfy the soul as food, however, such makes sick the soul. Food opens the eyes. Righteousness is sight, and if not taught, judgment cannot be attained. God dwells among beings who have eyes because Himself is also a being of eyes. Satan also knows that he has to give a different kind of eyes to men. Satan gives the eyes of iniquity (which is blindness) to men by what he feeds to them. Therefore, we must be fed for our blindness to be taken away. The only meal that can deal with blindness and open the eyes is meat. Longing For Meat For Ascension

The essence of milk is to grow teeth. A child is one who longs for meat. Longing for meat is a sign that a child has been fed with the sincere milk. Any milk that does not have true hope is evil. The fruit of milk is that teeth have been developed; that men are raised whose teeth are ready to begin to feed on meat. One cannot come to meat if he has not stayed long enough to have his teeth developed by the milk. What will save us is meat and strong meat. (Ephesians 1:13, John 6:53)

Being a child is not wrong, it simply means that you know your level and you must being longing for the meat. Christ is a balanced diet. Anyone who just got born again should be fed with the meal that will raise him at his level. As we pay attention to the doctrine of Christ, our growth will be rapid. We must stay and receive every allocation of food that the Father is giving to us.

The Meat – The Requisite For Ascension

The essence of feeding on meat is to ascend. The prophets lived, however, they did not ascend. To ascend means to takes steps upward to God. As Christ moved up to God, he also paved a path. Ascension is also a transformation. The desire of God for us is that our souls must ascend from the earth. Our ascension is our change into the image of the Son of God. Comers are those who are ascending to God. Jesus is the ladder in whom there are three parts – Christ, the Father and God. when the meal of the Father is being unveiled and we are partaking of it, we are ascending. (John 3:13, Proverb 30:4, Genesis 28:12, Colossians 2:2)

The first ladder that will be rolled out for us to ascend to is Christ. In Christ, we find the ladder of faith, hope and charity. As soon as we step on the last rung of the ladder of Christ, the Lord begins to roll out the ladder of the Father. The first thing that will be published us peace. The man of peace is a man of charity. At every peak of the ladder, we come to judgment. To rightly divide the word of truth is to open the design of ascension step by step.

Ascending Into The InheritanceAscension

We must not joke with revelation if we do not want to remain carnal. Heirs are those who are ascending. We ascend to inheritance. We need instruments to take us up and out of the earth. Our feet need to be strengthened to walk on Zion. What strengthens the feet is feeding. The meat of the son of God is eternal. Anyone who hates the revelations of Christ is cut off from the life of God.

The job of Christ is to bring men into the most holy place. We will not stop looking unto Jesus. As long as Jesus is standing as the high priest over us, He will not stop until He brings us to the end. He wants to bring us to the place where there is no darkness in us at all. (Hebrews 11:6)

As Abraham journeyed to the mountain where he was to offer his son, Isaac, sorrow, doubt and unbelief was being expired in him. What keeps man from moving or journeying with the Lord is fear. The Lord wants us to journey; that is when our sacrifice will be acceptable. If we are not journeying, we will not change. Worship is changing. There is an image at the end of the ladder that the journey alters us to become.

The Danger Of Feeding And Falling Away

We need food to ascend. If a man turn after he has been fed, he cannot be recovered. The bread in the holy place is meat. The end of those who turn is worse than their beginning. We must keep moving. The height from which Lucifer fell was so high; hence, he cannot be recovered. Satan also tried to feed Jesus but Jesus overcame him.

Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God is a kind of meat that we must feed on. Our food is commensurate to our weight. As we ascend, we exchange our things for the things of God. We count our things as dung over time as God reveals His things to us and we receive them. (Hebrews 6:4-6, Philippians 3:4-10,  Luke 4:2-4)

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