About Eternal Life Embassy, Ondo


Eternal Life Embassy is an assembly of believers in Christ Jesus who assemble together for the word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ, to know His glory and power. Our meetings are characterized by continuous unconventional outbursts and overflow of the spirit which constantly culminate in the revelation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

As we fellowship together, we are made to constantly drink from the riches of Christ as revealed through the saints by the Holy Ghost. Our assembling together can be described as a fountain with several expressions. Men and women who have been apprehended by the Spirit of Holiness have been stayed in the house by the Lord for the enriching of the Saints and the building of His body, thus, making our meetings graceful and truly rich.

We believe and pursue the heavenly vision: the forgiveness and release from the power of sin, the raising of a people who can bear Gods name in this generation, the opening of men’s eyes and turning them away from darkness and from the power of Satan to God, the declaration of the inheritance of the saints among them which are consecrated and purified by faith in Christ;

We believe in the wisdom of preaching and teaching of Gods intentions and thoughts as a sure way to the salvation of the human soul; We believe in the mystery of friendship and partnership as a battle strategy for the last day’s victory on the earth; We believe in the wholesome fellowship of the saints as the wisdom of God to preserve His seed in these days of increasing corruption; We believe in God and His Christ;

We believe in the Spirit of Holiness; We believe you have a part in God’s vision. We are a group of ever hungry and thirsty believers who are willing to drink from any pure stream flowing from the Father’s throne and this has led us beyond the walls of denominations and inter-denominations into viable friendships and partnerships with other Kingdom projects across the country and beyond.

Because we believe the body of Christ is one and everyone member of this body has a role to play in the revelation of Jesus Christ upon the earth in these last days, the Lord has led us beside still waters and made us to lie down in green pastures with the intent of restoring our souls.

Lively Friends and Partners Forum (LFP), Life Expression: the Feminine Way, Life Campaign, Kingdom Life International Ministries (KLIM), Believers Convention, Kingdom Conference, Lively Music, Real Men’s Forum, Romantic Friends and Life Teaching Centres are all avenues the Lord has used for the restoration of our soul and we are thankful to the Holy Ghost for these streams of living waters.

Beyond the borders of Nigeria, the Lord has opened other streams to the house through interaction with T-Austin Sparks’, Rick Joyner’s’, Watchman Nee’s, etc. materials from which the house has voraciously drunk and has been refreshed.

We are the company of the Lamb and the building where He dwells;

We are His Church, the people of the throne.

So disconnect from your past and be fully joined to Him.

He is the Head and we are His body.

Come, and let us drink from the river of His pleasure and be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of His House. KISS THE SON TODAY! Shalom!