The life of God finds expression in every phase of Life. ‘This Life With Teens’ is a platform where teenagers are reached through God’s word to provide them with a wholesome direction for their total well-being.

The unending questions that arises from the challenges teenagers face are definitely threatening to their being. These issues are provided with reliable and tested answers from the incorruptible word of God, fortifying them with truth that can satisfy their quest for a healthy lifestyle in all realms.

There are fun-filled activities such as indoor games, brain teasers, quiz, field and track events, bible recitation, among others. Through these, our young ones are helped to develop and build a balanced emotional and social psyche that is stable.

More importantly, ‘This Life With Teens’ seeks to provide guidance to teenagers that will help them refine their life dreams, foals and aspirations through accurate understanding of God’s eternal purpose for their lives.