God does so many things to achieve ONE THING – accomplishing His pre-determinate counsel which is to raise sons unto Himself and conform them to the image of His Dear Firstborn Son – Christ. God birthed a wisdom to accomplish this and this Wisdom is the GOSPEL wherein all His mysteries are encoded. The Gospel, as a wisdom of salvation, finds expression in all that we do both in our spiritual and natural estates. One of such estates ordained for our salvation is MARRIAGE.

It has both earthly and heavenly expression. The heavenly dimension is to showcase the relationship between Christ and His Church while the earthly dimension is to make the man and the woman attain the same oneness in the Trinity. The natural expression of marriage has been fraught with so many ills today because the devil had always set out to thwart God’s purpose and intention. The devil knows that if homes/families, which are a microcosm of the Church and ultimately the Kingdom, are in the way they should be, God’s agenda would find full expression. So he set out to ensure that homes and families are not patterned after the order of God. God in His wisdom has revealed to us a platform where this issue can be squarely addressed.

ROMANTIC FRIENDS is a platform where couples come together to explore and submit to the wisdom of God to save His people using their marriages as a pedestal to achieve this. ROMANTIC FRIENDS is a forum where issues and challenges that border on the marriage estate are tackled headlong and truth-based practical ways of managing this noble estate are collectively explored through the wisdom of God.

And they lived happily ever after is a statement that, in our world today, has been permanently confined to the world of Romance, Fantasy and Fiction. But through the Spirit-breathed interactions and wisdom-birthed principles that are exchanged in the ROMANTIC FRIENDS’ platform, couples are beginning to see that indeed, and as a matter of objective reality, they can actually live happily, not just ever after, but always as the Head of the Church and of the oldest institution, Marriage comes always each time we gather to:

  • Imbue us with fresh romantic innovations to be true friends in marriage;

  • Instruct us with timeless truth to enable us enjoy our spouses and homes as it ought to be;

  • Oil every friction and grease every coarseness in husband-wife relationship;

  • Lighten every burden that weigh down the marriage roller-coaster jolly ride; and

  • Refresh and rejuvenate every couple’s love life.

Won’t you care to see for yourself? You are very much welcome!

Ondo Church

  • 175, Adeyemi College Road, Beside Mercy Land Hospital, Ondo.
  • 08032451021, 08065098130

Akure Church

  • 80, Adinlewa Street, Beside Goamco Furniture Showroom, Off Champion Junction, Akure.
  • 07033636753

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