The Vision and Prophecy – May 2019 Edition!

1st Session

When we are so far away from the thoughts of God we cannot have access to the intent of God. The things we value are products of our thoughts; and God is raising us so that we can appreciate Life, which is not an easy task. It is easy to see somebody who is naturally at advantage than it is to see Jesus and to aspire to be like him including all he represents. Jesus’ thoughts are higher and far above the earth, and the moment we begin to fellowship with this thought, we will begin to ascend also. A man of prestige in the natural without the thoughts of Christ is without worth.

The things of the earth are not stable save the life of God and the reason why some believers do not appreciate the pursuit of divine life is because it does not bring physical gain. Our true value is not in natural things.

Psalm 62:9, ‘Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity.  Most of the Apostles were not rich yet they were rich in faith and terribly decked with divine thoughts. A man that is in custody of divine thoughts does not run after vanity. The instrument that is designed to stop us from accessing the riches of faith is death, death is not just stomping to the ground lifeless, but whatever stops our appreciation of Divine Life. A man begins to perish when the thoughts of God begins to take second place in his life.


What we have received is not for natural influence but to make us beings that cannot pass away. Jesus and his life remains a mystery to the world and its academicians because he was journeying by a divine wisdom. To say that we believe in the Holy Ghost and not come to believe that we are being made to come from flesh to spirit is a lie. What divinity wants is for us to own them, this is their gain; we cannot own them except by believing and knowing him whom they have sent – Jesus: The Word.

The Apostles lived in the days of their flesh in fellowship with the Father and the Son. An example is Apostle John, and he wrote that others can come into this same fellowship. The bread of God are thoughts and the moment we begin to bury ourselves in these thoughts, we are becoming divine; this the devil will always fight.

Whatever is going on around us is not to be compared with what is going in us and if the devil cannot stop our hearts from loving the Lord, we will become Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:42-49. One of the certain things that is non-negotiable with God is bearing the image of the heavenly but we can negotiate this by unbelief in us. There is a mass exodus of God’s people who will come into the Life but there must not be found unbelief. We cannot do anything to reveal God to our world if we do not come into Life.

2nd Session

The Gospel has a culture; we therefore need to look at the document of Eternal Life and ensure it is complete in our hands. Not every gathering of believers is represented or identified as a church in the spirit and it is not every pastor that can pastor souls. It is wisdom then to associate first with the head of any identified gathering of the saints, because from the head, resources flow down to all. This is necessary because there are many churches that are not identified with the Church of Christ. One thing that characterizes the Church of Christ is that the Church is built on the rock and this rock is the Son of the Living God. The Church is not a place where people come to showcase their best attire or assets, such kind of place cannot withstand gates of hell. We cannot overcome or change if the revelation of the Son is not preached to us. The name of a place does not make it church; neither does being anointed give any the authorization to start a church. The reason for church is for salvation and there is no salvation outside the revelation of the Son.

Matthew 16:18, ‘And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 

The Church is not raised by our experience, thinking or feeling; it is a place for souls to come and get saved. Paul did not start preaching when he was apprehended on his way to Damascus but was locked up for many years where the revelation was being revealed to him and in him. All the apostles also followed this pattern. One of the things projected in a church where the revelation of Christ is not taught is vanity. When a minister uses vanity and dangles it, it is much more obvious to men because of where he stands; when men see this they want to pursue it rather than Christ. When a man is born again, he is like someone that just started a pre-degree in a higher institution; this implies that there are certain fulfilments that must be met before anyone can be given access into the inheritance. It is not primarily about heaven but about the inheritance. There are various glories and the glory that Satan is showcasing is to make men love vanity than Christ. The glory of the man is not the Glory of God. 1 Peter 1:24, ‘For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:’ Man has a glory which can entice one but it perishes because it is grass.

The building of the Lord must be raised in a man for him to wear the Lord’s Glory and only the Church of Christ can do this. A man cannot partake of this Glory that is being preached if he is not in church. Suffering or tribulation is the pathway into Glory. Galatians 2:29. In the Church of Christ, what are being taught are Christ’s life and his Faith. Jesus did not come to heal our physical body but to give Life. When we are coming, we must know who we are coming to. We should not come to Jesus for what he gives but for who he is. What we will have if we follow Christ is Life though other things can vary. The evidence of life in a man is the level of peace he gains every day and that every day the way becomes clearer to him.

3rd Session

When the Lord begins to expound the church we will see that so much has to happen within the four walls where we gather. There is something in the gospel that if we do not connect to, the revelation of Christ and God will not be potent. If the hope of the gospel is not well understood or taught or known, the way to salvation will not be known. The gospel is about raising men, to give them another nature, and God made man so that man can have faith to believe a hope and then come into that hope. We must seek hope and move beyond trying to remedy the fall, the gospel is not about going to back to Eden but moving beyond Eden unto God.

2 Corinthians 7:1

Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. 


The priesthood of Jesus is the cleansing of the filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit. Hebrews 8:11. There is no discipline that can make us know the Lord without the priesthood of Jesus. Perfecting of the saint and writing of the Testament in our hearts needs a priest that continues to live. Death does not stop this priest called Christ Jesus. The priest continues working because the automated system of his priesthood is what makes salvation possible. This priest is not using any other blood apart from his own hence, what he wants to write in us is the testament and the blood he uses to officiate. This testament is his blood which he will use to cleanse us forever because by his death on the cross and his resurrection, his blood was separated from him so that perfection could be made possible. The testament is communicated to us then afterwards as a thought pattern; this then means that by living his Life in our lifetime on earth, we can trap his Life into our system, our very gene.

The link between the preacher and the priest must not be missing in the Church; else the preacher will not bring Life to the hearer. For a man to live, he must have met somebody who connects him to the priest. (Until the preacher sees the message in the priest, the messages he preaches will not have remission of sins.) Things of God are thoughts of God. When thoughts come and we hack into them, they either justify us or condemn us. What separate a man are his thoughts.

The Church is not complete if the priest is not at work, this means that remission and consecration is not taking place. For a man to be free from sin and death, he must have access to the thoughts of God and the thoughts is not how we feel that God is thinking but rather the Testament. This is because, when we are raised, we live more. Hebrews 9:17. Jesus died for the Testament to be of effect; anybody who can receive the thoughts of Jesus can be saved. Also, anything that does not have priesthood is not worth worship. Hearing a kind of thought and living a kind of thought separates a man. God is not afraid of our thoughts; we should be able to drop our thoughts when we find out that there is a thought higher than ours. God is a thought; this is what the priesthood of Jesus is to make us understand.

4th Session

When God was going to communicate his thoughts, he said: “Hear O Israel!” God does not communicate his thoughts without his words. God is always speaking; he communicates his thought by his words through speaking to us. In our thoughts, we hear words within us because thought cannot come to us except by words. We cannot do without the speakings of God for when there is speaking, there is hearing. By this, there is opening of eyes and we are being conformed by these words, but until the words we hear create his image in us, we simply have not heard the thoughts of God. Deuteronomy 6:4. As we hear, we see, but hearing is much more than the physical hearing. The hearing of God is within us; it is this hearing that makes and creates an image inside of us.

We cannot afford to have dim eyes because the word of God is being painted to us through the things hear and the truth is we are what we hear. We see and obey the speaking and as we take what he is speaking, we become what we are hearing. Everything that God is speaking is his Son.

1 Samuel 3:1-9

Hannah was a woman who positioned herself to hear what God was saying for that season. No wonder God heard her heart cry. We all need to say “speak lord thy servant heareth” like Samuel did. Though the word of the Lord was scarce in the land then Samuel was still able to hear him when Eli the priest did not. When we stop hearing and stop hearkening to the speaking of the Lord, our eyes will begin to go dim and we will not be able to see the Vision of the Lord. The Word of the Lord paints who the Lord is; this is the vision. God gives vision when his word comes. Eli was still in office yet he could not perceive that Hannah was praying from the anguish of the soul and not from being drunk. Eli was still in office but the lamp had gone out. Eli helped Samuel to hear God properly yet he could not hear God himself. As a minister we should continually press on so as not to be a cast away.

5th Session

The reason for new birth is to sight the Kingdom. It is what we see that we can aspire to become, hence, eyes must be given to us in the spirit for it is a blessing to see. In seeing is separation and sanctification, setting and making us apart. What makes a being is their faculty and when the faculty is not intact, such is referred to as handicapped. In the spirit when one cannot see or hear, he is handicapped and cannot engage the Spirit. Nobody knows what the Lord is saying aside his Spirit, only he has the right into the things of God and it is blessedness if we can see them when they are delivered to us.

The Church is running a prophetic time table and the whole vision and prophecy is getting completed. God and Christ is the Vision and the Prophecy is the things of Christ. It is possible to have visions and not have the interpretation. We break the law of sin and death by having the vision and the interpretation. This is what will give us the sight to get engaged and not be overridden in the affairs of the world. The Church and Israel have so much work to do, and the only solace that come to the Church and Israel is the seed and promise of God.

God has been engaging the earth but this was not truly done since his intention was not yet made known. Man is a key to God’s entrance to the earth. What the devil desired was to rule over Zion which is the last place of God’s resolve to keep the earth safe. The devil cut short the life of Abel which God allowed because his blood could not operate the tabernacle in heaven though he would have suspended humanity from degeneration. To allow the enemy add to his wickedness, God allowed Cain kill his brother. He wanted creation to live by his Light. He birthed religion for nations to advance and move forward till they moved to Babel and generated giants on the earth. This was how the Ur of Chaldeans came into existence. Every person on the earth at this time became conscious of name. All the sons of Cain wanted greatness; that was why God had to tell Abraham that he would be made great and so will his name. Genesis 12:2. Abraham’s line of thought was how his nation would be greater than the nations of the earth, he obeyed God but he was still a blind man. He moved his whole family from the Ur of Chaldeans. This was faith and this faith was pursuing greatness.

The intention of God was the seed but Abraham would not have been able to receive this until God added promises. He walked to the point where they expired all of what he wanted till he got to where God wanted him to be which was about the seed. Sometimes God used the prophet to talk to the Israelites to remind them that there was something in his heart which is for humanity, and those to be involved in this matter must be spirits not men. The major issues are secrets, hidden. Even the promise was a mystery to angels, they harken and obey God’s commands and take to complete delivery of instruction yet they had no insight to this discourse.

When God chose Abraham it was a time to unveil a secret which has been kept before the foundation of the world. Secret means that something is kept from one’s interpretation. It is what holds existence and they are kept in different sphere of life. Secret things belong to God. God is a secret. Those who are God’s decode secrets. The whole of the children of Judah would have died in Babylon if not that they had access to the God of heaven. God is a keeper and a revealer of secrets. Daniel 2:28. Religion has a way of using few people to keep many people in blindness. But with God, population does not determine truth, an example is the people of Nineveh. They did not know what they were doing despite how populated they were. Everything we see on the earth is a product of secret.

Satan dimmed the eyes of man by stopping faith. The prince of this world rejoices when the earth is in blindness. There is no religion on the earth here that knows their end because the devil kept the end from them and gave them an empty hope. The whole of the earth’s society and civilization is under the control of secret and no nation on the earth here will escape the clutch of this wicked man except they are helped to be free from blindness.

The Jew had the oracles and it was one thing they did well. Oracles are the hidden intentions of God. They are the keepers of secret of preordination, things that were before the world began. It is through the name I AM THAT I AM that man can get his source. The books of the prophets are secrets. God would not do anything but he revealed his secret, that is, committed his secret to his prophets. Man is a major factor in the intention of God but the secret can only be handed to men not children. This is why God raised sons of men. Everything we read that was spoken to Moses was oracles.

Psalms 105:15

Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. 

Before the bible was put together, they were parchments of prophets. The Levitical priesthood was a program for men to hear the voice of God. The whole nation of Israel was prophetic and their priesthood was to make them prophets. Their nearness was to consecrate them to be prophets. The oracle is a spirit that voices God’s intention in many ways; this is more than words.

The devil has deceived nations of the world and they worship him but when God’s secrets come to time of appearance, they will become reasonable. We must be birthed into secret and not just think that Christianity is all about coming to church. Isaiah 28:1-6. God expects that his nation will arise and stand against the gates.

Isaiah 28:7

But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment. 

Wine is what makes the nation’s heart merry; wine gladdens the hearts of men. Pastor and churches can get drunk with this wine to stupor. The Church must move beyond chasing small devils like fornication and adultery, because the problem facing the church is that of higher sins. The spirit of the oracle takes the Church from milk and gives her the doctrine, the Testament. The bible is a mystery book; the reason it is possible to open the pages and preach what is not seen. Israel was hated for the bible because if it had been possible to wipe away Israel then the historical references in the bible will have no background reference, and nothing would have been preserved, hence the whole intention of God being actualized may not have a physical reference and witness.

Darkness moves men to build lies as fortress and the reason why God is keeping Zion is because he has laid a foundation there. Thoughts instruct us and it takes lot of words to guard us so that when it is time for the Spirit to talk he will find matters to talk to us about.

Revelation 17:6, ‘And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

Babylon inspires the killing of the man of God. The bible is a book that interprets the daily transaction of men. There is nobody who does not have what can allure him. There is no place a man stays in that there is no alluring. Every man has liking and there is a lust attached to that liking. Liking is not lust and there is no evil in it but soon lust takes over the liking. Babylon has what it takes to sway the world. Any life under the control of Babylon is under slavery.

What we are meant to see is the Kingdom and to partake in the inheritance of Life. The Testimony is the Life and it is designed to make us and others escape.

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